The aim of the Welcome Again Veterans Foundation

The Foundation Welcome Again Veterans is a non profit organisation and aims to offer a programme to Canadian War Veterens who dedicated themselves  in liberating our country ,during their stay here in the Netherlands.
The Foundation Works in the area in the East of our country : South Drenthe,Overijssel and North Gelderland .
The Foundation offers the Veterans a so- called  hosting  programme aided by local committees  in the working areas.
The Foundation aims to offer free accommodation to the Canadian Veterans .The Foundation appeals to businesses and authorities for sponsorships. Once every five years the Foundation organises the Remembrance at the Canadian War Cemetery in Holten.
History of Welcome Again Veterans
In the period from 1963 to 1973 the  so-called Pilgrimages were held. The visiting of next of kin to the fallen Canadians. Mayor Mr.Enklaar from Holten played an important role in this.Host families were found and experience was gained from this . Funds were raised from, among others , the Poppy collection in our country.In 1980 Canadian Veterans were invited over .This was meant to be a one-off initiative named Thank You Canada.Important were the men,Mr. Enklaar, Mr.Tensen and Mr. Van  Lanschot. Allmatters  fell under the flag of the War Graves Committee. After 1980 the TYC ended and did not exist anymore until it was taken over by Committee “We do Remember “from Apeldoorn led by Mr. Koorenhof.
In 1990 ,the Committee Welcome Again Veterans was founded and became active. In 2000,2005 and 2010 there were 2 Committees ,Thank You Canada and Allied Forces and the Foundation Welcome Again Veterans .In October 2014 Gerrit Jan van`t Holt ,our chairman and great inspirer ,passed away .This we are very sorry for.He meant a  lot to the Foundation .We must now sadly carry on without him.
Luckily we have help from the Afsluiters (a group of friends) who founded the Information Centre next to the Canadian War Cemetery and from the Stichting Viering Nationale Feestdagen ( Committee Celebration of National Holidays )who assist us in organising the 70th Remembrance at the Canadian War Cemetery on May 4th.